Our Journey...


My recent vacation to Europe, gave me a chance to try 

this local Hungarian Delicacy called Kurtos Kalacs. We enjoyed this freshly baked cones rolled in an array of flavours and filled with Softy or Whipped Cream.

The concept stayed on my mind and when I started researching on the same, I realized the scope is endless. 

The most important thing was finding the right team with the same passion who will share the same vision. Someone who specializes in Bakery and a full time Chef. With the dream team, we immediately understood that Standardisation is the key to our Goal and so the Central Kitchen. 

While our Kitchen was getting set in Oshiwara, located very close to the highway and in the heart of western suburbs, 

we cracked our first deal with INOX, to set up Kiosks/

QSR across their theatres. 

We carefully curated our menu in a way to maximise the number of products using the same ingredients and minimise the prep involved. With the mother sauces coming from the Central Kitchen, we would be able to offer the same taste every time across all locations. Our Menu comprises of Local Flavours to Continental Delicacies, Asian Favourites to Mexican Street Food, 

all served the way you want to eat...