Our Italian Pesto Chimney is a  rich, velvety, creamy Pesto sauce and so very addicting

Chimney ? Kürtoskalács ? Horn Cake ? Hungarian Twister ?


There are so many names that relate to the Sweet or Savory, Crunchy, 

Fluffy, irresistible Chimney that originates from Eastern Europe. 

These twisted, spiral, chimney shaped treats are not just delicious, but fascinating to watch being made right before your eyes.

 This delectable Hungarian Sweet Bread is freshly baked to order with a crispy crunchy outside and a light fluffy dough inside. They are cylinder or conical shaped with a hollow center and hence also referred as Chimneys or Horns depending on their shape.  

We specialize in making these unforgettable Chimney Rolls from scratch 

giving you the freshest taste and quality. We fill them with your choice of

savoury / sweet for a unbeatable TREAT.


If you enjoy the taste of churros and doughnuts, pizzas & paninis, 

then you will absolutely love the deliciousness of a Chimney Cake!